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Our Innovation Design Approach

As we merge a huge variety of innovation core disciplines, design is seen as much more than the aesthetic shape and appereance of a product at HYVE. Innovation design is a perfect match between technology push and demand pull as it does not matter what you bring to market, but how! Our design team is not only specialized for a perfect physical product development, we also apply ideation and conception for a perfect setup including user interface design, user experience design, business modell creation and, of course, the look, the feel and the functionality of products and services – always matched with consumers needs, perfvectly driven into defined mass market targets or niches.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Identification of consumer needs and insights, matched with possible technologies and business models
  • Development of holistic product concepts consisting of physical products and digital environment
  • Targeted product development with user type specific design including mockups, models and real looks, feels and works like prototypes
  • Ready-for-market results that are tested and prepared to be launched

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Simon Kindler

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