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In the year 2000, HYVE set off with the vision of a novel innovation approach to actively integrate users, consumers, experts, start-ups, citizens, suppliers and universities in a participatory innovation ecosystem and thereby enable the collaborative development of customer-centric and trailblazing innovations. We have remained true to this mission ever since. In a world of informed, connected, active and global consumers, open and participatory innovation systems are an essential success factor for product and service

solutions as well as for transformation processes in the digital age. In each phase of the innovation process we actively integrate different kinds of customer groups such as lead users, the creative HYVE-Crowd, pilot users, early adopters, beta-testers, and representative consumers in order to develop products people love and need. Customer-centricity all the way from user pain points to product launch.

The HYVE approach is a fast, focused and dedicated method to innovate. We draw on the collective knowledge and creativity of the crowd, its power and its commitment to come up with successful innovations.

Our methods enrich existing innovation management principles of large organizations through an open, collaborative, and fast innovation track that ensures fast realization of ideas into digital or physical Minimum Viable Products.