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Dr. Michael Bartl
Dr. Michael BartlCEO
Prof. Dr. Johann Füller
Prof. Dr. Johann FüllerCEO
Michael Schmidt
Michael SchmidtCEO
Andreas Beer
Andreas BeerManaging Director
Dr. Volker Bilgram
Dr. Volker BilgramManaging Director
Dr. Gregor Jawecki
Dr. Gregor JaweckiManaging Director
Dr. Giordano Koch
Dr. Giordano KochManaging Director
Michael Maier
Michael MaierManaging Director
Markus Rieger
Markus RiegerManaging Director
Gerd Schwarz
Gerd SchwarzManaging Director


Nicolas Baar
Nicolas BaarInnovation Consultant
Mirko Bahrenberg
Mirko BahrenbergInnovation Consultant
Jose Bailo
Jose BailoDeveloper
Regina Burgmayr
Regina BurgmayrTawny Project Manager
Jose Celano
Jose CelanoDeveloper
Giulia Dellaria
Giulia DellariaProject Manager Innovation Research
Lukas Dittrich
Lukas DittrichInnovation Consultant
Melanie Eckl-Cangelosi
Melanie Eckl-CangelosiInnovation Designer
Denis Eser
Denis EserHead of Sales
Magdalena Fernandez
Magdalena FernandezAccountant
Steffen Fohr
Steffen FohrData Analyst
Philipp Geuder
Philipp GeuderUX Designer
Ines Grundmann
Ines GrundmannInnovation Consultant
Tobias Grundmann
Tobias GrundmannInnovation Consultant
Cristina Guerra
Cristina GuerraUI/UX Designer
Ludwig Hanisch
Ludwig HanischProject Manager
Daniela Hassa
Daniela HassaInnovation Designer
Susanne Hermann
Susanne HermannGraphic Designer
Hirahi Hernandez
Hirahi HernandezDeveloper
Chiara Hoffmann
Chiara HoffmannUX & Strategy Design
Prof. Dr. Katja Hutter
Prof. Dr. Katja HutterResearch Associate
Aurélie Jamard
Aurélie JamardInnovation Strategist
Daniel Kegel
Daniel KegelInnovation Designer
Katharina Kemmetter
Katharina KemmetterExecutive Assistant
Simon Kindler
Simon KindlerInnovation Designer
Nikola Kordic
Nikola KordicTeam Assistant & Receptionist
Niclas Kröger
Niclas KrögerInnovation Consultant
Vivian Lackner
Vivian LacknerOffice Manager
Lukas Lederer
Lukas LedererInnovation Designer
Mai LeDuc
Mai LeDucGraphic Designer
Dr. Sandra Lemmer
Dr. Sandra LemmerExecutive Assistant to Prof. Dr. Johann Füller
Rouxin Li
Rouxin LiUX & Strategy Researcher
Juan Ligero
Juan LigeroDeveloper
Carlos Lopez
Carlos LopezDeveloper
Dr. Marco Maier
Dr. Marco MaierHead of Artificial Intelligence
Anna Marchuk
Anna MarchukInnovation Researcher & Service Designer
Ana Maric
Ana MaricExecutive Assistant to the CEO
Dr. Chadly Marouane
Dr. Chadly MarouaneAI / Software Architect
Hanna Misera
Hanna MiseraInnovation Consultant
Philipp Münich
Philipp MünichIdeator
Martin Passvogel
Martin PassvogelIT System Administrator
Laura Pauly
Laura PaulyExecutive Assistant
Philipp Pelzl
Philipp PelzlInnovation Designer
Luis Ramirez
Luis RamirezDeveloper
Daniel Richter
Daniel RichterSoftware Engineer
Isabel Salzmann
Isabel SalzmannMarketing
Anna Scheyer
Anna ScheyerFüll das Glas Business Development
Irina Schneider
Irina SchneiderCo-creation Researcher
Sebastian Schröder
Sebastian SchröderSales
Elisabeth Schuh
Elisabeth SchuhFüll das Glas Business Development
Danny Sierra
Danny SierraInnovation Consultant
Deniz Sinoplu
Deniz SinopluProduct Development Engineer
Dorothée Stadler
Dorothée StadlerCo-Creation Researcher
Maria Strasser
Maria StrasserProject Manager Innovation Research
Bianca Traub
Bianca TraubUI/UX Designer
Vincent Tredez
Vincent TredezInnovation Designer
Nayeli Tusche
Nayeli TuscheSenior Project Manager Innovation Research
Fernando Valverde
Fernando ValverdeUI/UX Designer
Dr. Jasmin Vella
Dr. Jasmin VellaIdeator
Marija Vovra
Marija VovraFacility Manager
Johanna Winding
Johanna WindingSales
Philip Zeitler
Philip ZeitlerInnovation Designer

When Ideation experts, designers, innovation consultants & researchers, marketing and sales live out their musicality, this is what happens. On the occasion of HYVE University and HYVE’s 18th birthday they surprised the entire HYVE Team with this track!

“A wonderfully creative team of HYVE colleagues surprised us with this gift during our HYVE University. First we were all stunned, then moved, immediately thrilled and soon we were able to groove along. I am proud of my inspiring mafia, which realizes such projects in their spare time”, says HYVE’s board member Johann Füller.