HYVE’s Digital Innovation Toolbox – digitally & remote through the entire innovation process

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Secret Source of Innovation: Digital Innovation Toolbox

A rapidly changing business and social environment invites companies to continuously rethink themselves and the digital transformation requires user-centric solutions. We understand innovation as a transformation process that needs optimal tools, methods and a user manual to succeed.

Innovation tools along the timeline

The use of the Internet for innovation is the essential part of the founding history of HYVE. More than 20 years ago, HYVE already relied on digital tools in the innovation process and used the technological possibilities of the internet to find insights through social listening, to crowdsource ideas and to use the wisdom of the many in concept evaluation. Thinking and managing innovation processes digitally is in HYVE’s DNA. We have facilitated digital strategy, insight, co-creation and design projects in more than 3,000 projects.

Not only, but especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which social face2face interaction has been reduced to a minimum and remote work has become part of everyday work, digital innovation methods and tools enable us to continue to innovate successfully and drive innovation in the company. With HYVE’s Digital Innovation Toolbox we accompany every company as innovation experts and support you in achieving the innovation goals 2020.

HYVE’s digital innovation toolbox offers all the tools that guide you through the three phases of the innovation process: from strategy and innovation management as a basis, to insights, co-creation, concept generation and testing of prototypes.

from strategy and insights to innovative ideas, concepts and testing – 100% digital

In our online sessions from 6th to 8th of May, we will turn you into a Digital Innovation Toolbox expert in 3 x 45 minutes. Find out which tools are useful to use in which phases of the innovation process and which timeline is appropriate. Learn from our best practices and discuss opportunities and challenges along the process steps with our experts.

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We believe in participatory innovation and have designed the Innovation Toolbox so that really everyone can use it. It is the ideal tool for organizations that today have to work remotely and want to innovate across disciplines, departments and even cultures.

Johann Füller, CEO HYVE

What is in HYVE’s digital innovation toolbox?

The toolbox offers optimal support in the three phases of the innovation process and provides answers to the questions relevant to each step of the process.

1. The setup

a) What is our strategy?
Use a digitalized strategy development process with proven analytical, conceptual and executive tools to control your strategy work and get to know in-manas.

b) What is your process in innovation management?
Organize your innovation process with the leading innovation management solution HYPE to ignite the innovative power of your employees, users and partners.

c) What methods do you use in innovation formats and how do we scale them?
Rely on proven innovation methods from an extensive pool of innovation management software Joolia to create customized innovation programs such as Design Sprints or Innovation Labs in the shortest possible time and replicate them at any time.

2. Exploration & ideas

a) Find promising insights
Identify user needs and opportunities for innovation through Netnography or gain rapid feedback on any concept in online research communities.

b) Generate and validate ideas
Innovate with over 8,500 users and experts on the HYVE Crowd to generate a variety of fresh ideas, find the most attractive use cases, or validate ideas overnight.

3. Concept & prototyping

a) How do we generate promising concepts based on the insights?
Work together in a digital space in remote workshops led by expert workshop moderators to develop ideas/concepts, build new business models, create syntheses, align stakeholders or make decisions.

b) Which concepts have the best chances on the market?
Concepts and prototypes can be qualitatively and quantitatively tested by consumers through our Online Research Community and thus be further refined. Technologies such as the emotion recognition of our AI startup TAWNY can also capture implicit feedback on concepts and prototypes.

Visible added value

New perspectives do not open up behind the desk, but through the digital view of the (virtual) world. Our digital tools and methods provide the necessary empathy and proximity to the consumer, creative stimuli and ideas and are a valid indicator of the probability of success of innovations.

The digital platform in-manas allows the inclusion of all relevant people in your organization in your strategy project. The innovation management platform HYPE supports every step of your innovation process from trend scouting to the implementation of ideas. Netnography provides an insight into online communication and interaction of users and thus into topics relevant for consumers.  Remote workshops enable sessions “close to the real world” with a great flow, level of detail, fun, and effectiveness. Long-term Online Research Communities allow you to get quick feedback on each concept and suggestions for development, but also to gain insights to identify unmet user needs or new innovation opportunities. Emotions captured by TAWNY enable a more detailed, granular analysis of the client’s experience along its customer journey. Creativity is encouraged by leveraging the diverse backgrounds and expertise of HYVE Crowd members and with Joolia, you can create and prepare innovation programs using the latest methods in no time at all.

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