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Innovation Mix Kit – all you need (is) to innovate

Innovation is a transformation process that requires optimal tools, methods and excellent guidance in order to succeed.

The market knows and offers countless playbooks, toolboxes and innovation kits, but only in the right arrangement and under the right conditions do innovative approaches and solutions emerge. The nuances in the methods, the sequence and the composition determine the success or failure of your innovation project.

The HYVE Workshop and Innovation Lab experts have compiled their knowledge and expertise in the HYVE Innovation Mix Kit.

HYVE’s Innovation Mix Kit guides you through your innovation formats

That’s inside:

  • booklet with tips & tricks from workshop experts
  • recipes, with the best mix of methods
  • ingredients, as creative methods
  • and templates, ready to get started!

The HYVE Innovation Mix Kit is based on the principles of Design Thinking and Open Innovation and includes a selection of our experts’ most popular methods.
100% customer-centric solutions is our mission since day one – do the same and order your HYVE’s Innovation Mix Kit now exclusively at cost price.

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