Karfidov Lab and HYVE join forces in the field of smart product development

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More and more companies are focusing on connected, smart products and devices. The integration of connectivity, hardware, and software is changing the way companies design and develop new products. Mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and electronic engineers, as well as software developers, must meet these innovations whilst globalization and the rapid development of new technologies are also leading to shorter product life cycles and necessitating agile product development, a reduction in development times, and the redefinition of value chains. Hardware needs software – and software needs hardware! The new cooperation between HYVE and Karfidov Lab addresses this imperative.

Cooperation with a consumer focus

In networked, software-enhanced smart products, the focus is pointed towards customer benefit, not as a later often neglected ingredient of an ongoing technological project, but as a starting point, a basis on which products that people need and love are built. As a basis. As a siting point for products that people really need and love. The entire product development process starts with the customer’s needs. Based on this, a customer-centric approach is taken to define user and market needs from the customer’s perspective. This is the only way to develop innovations that keep the brand alive and secure market share. HYVE has been following this consumer-centric approach for 21 years. Over 35 design awards for outstanding product design prove this approach right. The new collaboration adds a powerful player in product development to our mission and ensures the continuation and expansion of our track record of award-winning innovation and development excellence.

Karfidov Lab directors

Karfidov Lab – a technological global player

Karfidov Lab is a full-stack engineering company providing services in the field of product design, electronics development, prototyping, and serial manufacturing. Specializing in the development of smart products for different applications, they put the consumer at the center of their seamless multidisciplinary development cycle.

Founded in 2014, Karfidov Lab rapidly became an industry leader having today a team of 42 employees in three locations in Russia (Moscow (headquarters), St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg) and has already accomplished over 300 projects on a national and international level.

Among Karfidov’s latest major projects is an autonomous indoor delivery robot for Sberbank, which has been presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) and is now being tested in Sberbank offices. It also opened the doors to upcoming projects. Now Karfidov Lab is designing and developing other products for companies in the Sber ecosystem. Another success is the new generation of ultrasonic thickness gauge for a French company SimpleOilfield that is designed with the core principles of Industry 4.0 in mind to bring efficiency to the inspection process and integrate asset identification (Barcode & RFID readers), inspection workflows, and connectivity (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) all within a practical ergonomic design.

We are very pleased to be able to offer the development of innovative technological products from the idea to the physical implementation, together with HYVE. We look forward to working with our new HYVE colleagues to develop your high-end, innovation-driven product visions. I am convinced that we will soon see the new generations of medical devices, consumer-facing products, electronics, and industrial equipment that are co-created by HYVE and Karfidov Lab.

Dmitry Vasilev, Co-Founder Karfidov Lab
online signing event

A strong new partner at HYVE’s side

After successful joint projects in the past, Karfidov and HYVE appreciate each other as a perfect match to best meet customer needs in smart and user-centric product design and offer full-stack capabilities for digital-physical product innovation including data management and AI.

HYVE’s new cooperation with Karfidov Lab expands its engineering capabilities and ensures fast and effective support for customers when it comes to product (re)development, product innovation, or smart products. 

Very few companies are in a position to develop solutions on demand. This is where customers need holistic vendor expertise for phygital products. We are pleased to be able to offer this competence together with Karfidov.

Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, Founder and CEO of HYVE
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Your advantages at a glance

  • HYVE & Karfidov have well-established teams with a very high level of expertise that fits together like a puzzle. The resulting synergies lead to new ideas, concepts and content.
  • Bundled resources and an efficiently distributed development process allow larger orders to be realized in less time. At one place.
  • HYVE expands its university network through the close connection of Karfidov and Skoltech as well as MIT and can immediately incorporate the latest scientific findings into projects. With new geographical locations, HYVE taps an unexplored potential of wide research communities.
  • With more manpower, we increase the speed of development.
  • The cooperation is dedicated to state-of-the-art project management that can take into account various cultural aspects of design and UX.
  • Together we provide development and support of technological projects in all phases of the product lifecycle.

Your design project with HYVE and Karfidov Lab?