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Rescue mopeds –
life savers from the crowd

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A crowdsourcing contest that revolutionized medical care in Bandung shows just how strong and current this principle of “distributed innovation” is.

Today, THAT’S.ID stands for Indonesia’s technical innovation and the country’s great potential to turn innovative solutions into reality.

Ridwan Kamil, Mayor of Bandung

High traffic and lacking infrastructure

Bandung is the fourth largest city in Indonesia with 3 million inhabitants. Including the Java metropolitan region, the region has 16 million inhabitants. It requires little imagination how disastrous the emergency medical care in the peripheral districts is due to collapsing traffic flows and poor infrastructure. Life-preserving and life-saving care for the injured and sick outside Bandung Centre is often simply too late because ambulances do not reach the patiants fast enough.

1,782 crowdsourced solutions

The Bandung government reacted to this in 2017 and initiated the THAT’S.ID ideas competition together with HYVE. They invited Indonesia’s creative people to search for solutions to improve transport systems on an open innovation platform. The contest went through the ceiling with 1782 ideas, 15,656 comments and 5533 participants.

Many ideas of the crowdsourcing competition were not only metaphorically but literally taken to the streets: the submission of the user Dani Ferdian, for example. The employee of the Faculty of Medicine at Padjadjaran University developed an “ambulance engine” as part of the competition. The motorcycle is equipped with everything a doctor needs for first aid; an ambulance on two wheels and on those even in dense traffic fast on the way. Layad Rawat, a health organization in Bandung, uses “Ambulance Motors” primarily in regions that are difficult to access and successfully introduced an entire fleet of these mobile life-savers.

The power of crowd

The example of Bandung shows that crowdsourcing can do so much more than generate new products and concepts, new services and business models. The wisdom of many not only changes and facilitates our lives, but has the potential to save lives.

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