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TRATON and HYVE work together to design sustainable cities

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In 2015, the UN adopted the Global Goals for Sustainable Development to address 17 world problems. A historic plan to which 193 countries committed themselves; by 2030, all goals are to be implemented. One of the global goals is to make cities sustainable, inclusive and safe. To achieve this, cities must be built and managed differently in the future. Making cities safe and sustainable means ensuring access to safe and affordable housing. It also means investing in public transport, creating green public spaces and improving urban planning and management in a way that is both participatory and inclusive.

How to find new mobility concepts? How to develop the mobility of tomorrow?

TRATON wants to develop an attractive “ACE-based” (autonomous, connected and electric) solution for public transport, because the company is firmly convinced that these technologies will change and expand public transport and shared mobility within the next 10 years and thus drive the sustainable future of cities.

In order to get closer to this goal, HYVE and TRATON invited in a first wave at the end of 2019 more than 30 public transport experts to Berlin to jointly develop future mobility concepts. What role will a bus play in 2030? What tasks will it have to perform? What opportunities, but also challenges, will arise for transport companies and operators? And last but not least: what will the bus of the future look like?

The aim of the event in Berlin was to work together with key customers (public transport operators and authorities) from major European cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon or Copenhagen and other stakeholders (e.g. communication or infrastructure providers) via a series of individual interviews and a great co-creation event to understand the challenges of the future together and develop suitable vehicle concepts.

Participants at the workshop of TRATON and HYVE in Berlin

It was a great pleasure to work on future mobility concepts with so many different interest groups and great personalities. In line with the design thinking, the participants were very well able to empathize with the different (end) customer types and to develop visionary concepts in impressive depth based on the identified technological and social trends and changes.

Dr. Jasmin Vella, Senior Innovation Consultant at HYVE

The co-creation workshop was aimed at gaining a holistic understanding of the future of cities and the public transport ecosystem in order to design a sustainable and desirable public transport vehicle.

The second wave of the project with TRATON focuses on the Asian market. It is similar in approach, but is more about unconventional thinking, inspiration and radical ideas. Therefore, we are not so much targeting key customers, but rather “leading edge” customers and trend receivers or other lateral thinkers from future-oriented cities like Singapore or Shenzhen.

The co-creation event should take place in Singapore at the end of March, but the corona virus is currently forcing us to postpone the event and possibly even move it to a metropolis outside Asia. Since we unfortunately have to assume that we will not be able to invite lead customers and trend receivers from China in the medium term, extensive interviews with the identified persons are currently already taking place in order to incorporate their perspective.

Stay tuned – we will report on this in a whitepaper!

A short recap of our workshop in Berlin

How can innovation drivers and those responsible for innovation and trend scouts contribute to achieving the Global Goals?

Together with us! HYVE and TRATON cordially have invited you to discuss the #11 of the Global Goals at the MCBW on March 11th, to create a future scenario for public transport and to help shape the future of sustainable cities. For this purpose HYVE opens its House of Innovation; you will gain insights into TRATON’s concept ideas and discuss how transport concepts can make cities more sustainable in the future!

Fully booked: MCBW workshop on Sustainable Cities with Traton and HYVE