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In today’s increasingly digital world, companies are inundated by large volumes of data that are constantly being generated at a rapid pace, and can come from a number of different sources. The Advanced Analytics competence at HYVE helps our clients turn this treasure trove of data into a clear and measurable competitive advantage.

Our Approach

Our work for clients can broadly be segmented into four different types of projects:

  • Education: Providing an executive-level understanding of key Advanced Analytics concepts to enable effective participation in decision-making.
  • Strategy: Defining the strategic ambition and analyzing data assets to derive specific use cases where Advanced Analytics can create tangible value.
  • Ideation: Leveraging a wide range of ideation methods and workshops to generate and blueprint innovative ideas based on Advanced Analytics.
  • Prototyping: Rapidly developing a robust prototype of an Advanced Analytics idea and testing it in the field.

Across the project types mentioned, Advanced Analytics may be applied in different ways:

  • Depending on the client brief, the analysis be descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive.
  • The context of analysis may be a lab or field experiment, non-experimental observation of data, or a simulation.
  • The analysis can leverage a rich set of advanced tools including multivariate statistics, machine learning, text mining, network analysis, and simulation modeling.
  • The data itself can be structured or unstructured, might be small or large, could update at a slow or fast rate, and come from various sources.


HYVE makes an excellent partner for organizations that want to derive value from Advanced Analytics:

  • We have an extensive track record helping clients innovate across industries and organizational verticals.
  • Our team of experts is active at the cutting-edge of Advanced Analytics research and venture-building.
  • The customer-centricity at the heart of our DNA means that we will help our clients build the right solutions for the right reasons.

You would like to know more about Advanced Analytics?

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Dr. Chinmay Kakatkar
Manager Analytics Strategy & Innovation