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Our Approach

With digitalisation taking over nearly every aspect of modern life and business, a prevalent component of human to human interaction is about to disappear: Emotions. The field of Affective Computing is trying to introduce this important facet of communication in human-computer-interaction (HCI) by both empowering computers to recognise a user’s emotions and making virtual things emotional.
HYVE’s long-standing approach of listening to needs and feelings of humans (customers, users, etc.) in the innovation process is perfectly aligned with the idea to make (virtual) things empathic. We at HYVE therefore have started one of the most ambitious research projects in this field, Project TAWNY.

For our clients, we offer end-to-end support for Affective Computing projects, from identifying potential use cases to assessing data sources and devices to implementing custom solutions.

Outcome / Benefits

  • Identification of scenarios and applications in which Affective Computing methods could be incorporated.
  • Assessment of possible data sources (video, audio, physiological sensors of wearables, etc.) and devices to gather the raw data.
  • Development of concepts how to obtain and leverage a user’s emotional state to improve products and processes.
  • Rapid prototyping of developed concepts.
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