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Crowd-based contests and challenges to gather solutions have a long tradition: Centuries ago, Filippo Brunelleschi, an architect and building contractor during the early Renaissance, organized a tournament on structural planning to successfully overcome technical hurdles in building the dome of the Florence Cathedral. The formula for success has not changed since then; however the easy access to a global network of creative minds provided through the Internet allows for a tremendously more efficient and effective use of contests.

HYVE’s crowdsourcing contests offer a state-of-the-art approach to campaign-driven and target-oriented mass collaboration in a virtual setting. We provide your company with our best practice platform technology and processes, access to a growing, diverse and creative HYVE Innovation Community

As well as access to a growing, diverse and creative innovation community and our community management capabilities. This enables your company to benefit from tailored crowdsourcing initiatives in various areas such as technology, innovation, business development, design, HR, marketing, sales management or in completely new areas. Are you looking for inspiration, new ideas, designs or concepts to further improve your products and services or to identify new business opportunities? Do you believe that your customers, business partners and/or employees in your company have insights and knowledge that could help you achieve your goals faster? Then please contact us to discuss how you can use this wisdom of the crowd.

Your Benefit

  • Increasingly collaborative and innovative culture within your company
  • Creation of an innovation community with a large network of creative minds
  • Access to HYVE‘s Innovation Community with more than 7,000 members
  • Access to HYVE‘s more than 250 Power Users
  • Further development of first ideas or business proposals, graphic and product designs created by the community.
  • Identification of subject-matter experts and hidden talents
  • Professional support in designing, organizing and executing idea selection methods, jury processes, and award ceremonies
  • Evaluation, prioritization and transformation of contest output through workshops, portfolio analysis and clustering, as well as development of implementation roadmaps

Our Approach

We jointly define your objectives and expected results of the project in a kick-off workshop including the relevant stakeholders. We define target groups, potential risks, timing and appropriate incentive systems. Based on this information, we select the appropriate type of contest, specify concrete requirements and discuss essential services such as recruiting, activation and community management tailored to your specific needs and target groups. We then provide a contest technology platform fit to your specifications. Our campaigning team supports your company in campaign planning, recruiting, and community management during the live phase. After the contest’s completion we conduct a pre-evaluation of the submissions and develop a short list. A carefully selected jury will finally select the winning submissions.

This process aims to help your company find the best relevant submissions and develop them further into ready-to-implement concepts. HYVE also offers support during later process phases through workshops, portfolio analysis and clustering as well as the development of implementation road maps.


  • 14 years of experience in conducting idea, design and recruitment contests
  • In-house market research competencies such as netnographic snapshots for identifying your target groups’ online playgrounds
  • Extensive knowledge in task and problem formulation
  • Target-group specific and individualized community recruiting and campaign management
  • Creative HYVE Innovation Community with more than 7,000 members including 250 Power Users
  • Established, reliable platform technology with excellent user experience (70+ contests)
  • Experience in integrating gamification elements to engage and motivate customers
  • Expertise in combining online and offline events (workshops, jury meetings, award ceremony, etc.) by in-house designers

Information on fundamental topics of data protection at HYVE can be found in our data protection declaration.