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Design Thinking Approach

Through a customer-oriented, iterative process, we analyze problems holistically, test alternatives and evaluate the right solutions. Our HYVE Design Thinking process is based on designers’ methods, which are characterized by several overlapping process steps. Through the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team, we discuss and consider a large number of problems and solution aspects. Design Thinking is user-centered: The potential target group is analyzed empathically, allowing hidden needs to be anticipated. Based on these insights, we generate and collect initial ideas through an iterative workflow, build quick prototypes and test them directly. We refine these solutions into physical products and services that are ready for implementation.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Generation of human-centered product concepts using an iterative workflow
  • Strategic use of design methodology transforms problems with undefined outcome into tangible solutions
  • Anticipation of hidden customer needs and motivations
  • Concept refinement and quick prototyping leads to holistic innovation concepts that are ready for implementation

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Vanessa Ramster

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