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Digital Innovation

Digital technologies rapidly change the way we live, act, and think. An increasing range of products and services—from wearables, cars, and toys to household appliances, medical devices—become smart and interactive. The digital revolution forces more and more companies to rethink the nature of their business model, and it continues to change the role and value of IT in innovation. Digital-centric businesses need new solutions, business models, and management practices to accelerate innovation and ensure sustaining success. HYVE’s digital innovation approach provides customized solutions and ways to leverage growing trends such as the internet of things, big data, gamification, and intelligent production lines (Industry 4.0). HYVE supports its clients in developing outstanding digital use cases and business models that make new ways of living and interacting possible.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • In-depth understanding of digital business impact
  • Compelling digital use cases
  • Intuitive user interface design (web/mobile/device)
  • Development of virtual prototype (dummy)
  • Collaboration with customers and experts
  • Online & offline community
  • Value creation and capture of digital business models
  • Digital Fulfillment Model: Service provision processes, organization, transactions

Our Approach

Our approach consist of four major pillars with which we assist you as our client in creating successful digital innovations: First, we provide you with knowledge and experience regarding methods and tools to identify and understand diverse stakeholder needs by means of observation, interviews and best practices analysis. Second, we support you in discovering trends and relevant insights by conducting contests, establishing creative communities, and holding hackathons and workshops with your team, lead users and/or experts. Third, we rapidly realize first prototypes, including design and programming, and provide systematic evaluation, prioritization and selection. Finally, we implement and distribute the developed digital innovations with an elaborated action plan and associated launch activities. Especially hackathons allow us to quickly generate compelling and customer-oriented apps and solutions.


  • From idea to implementation – complete end-to-end innovation support
  • More than 14 years of innovation, community management, and market experience
  • A team of born digitals who constantly focus on understanding the user perspective
  • Interdisciplinary competences provided by user interface designers, (micro-) electronic and telecommunication engineers, software engineers, mathematicians, other natural scientists and global user networks
  • Consultants sharing comprehensive knowledge based on relevant perspectives, including users, business, technology, design and process
  • Extensive best practice experience
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