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Idea Management Software

Every company needs a way to quickly capture, categorize and prioritize ideas. HYVE successfully supports the practice of ideation and thus the creative process of generating, developing and curating new ideas. HYVE software integrates internal employees as well as external users, consumers, experts, start-ups, suppliers and universities into a participatory innovation ecosystem and thus enables the joint development of customer-centered and “intrapreneur” innovations.

Most (radical) innovations are rarely the result of a single genius, but of heterogeneous community processes. HYVE is committed to the strength of open innovation communities. They are a helpful tool to enable sustainable needs assessment, trend scouting, mass financing, knowledge exchange, concept tests, branding, problem solving and idea generation. HYVE has in-depth expertise in the development and sustainable management of innovation and open and cohesive communities. This enables us to align the social dynamics and interaction with the specific goals of your organization.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Audit and optimize existing internal innovation processes and map them into a new innovation management software
  • Provide ongoing consulting and support for process, management and software
  • Faster identification and development of solutions for concrete issues
  • Configuration and implementation of innovation management software
  • Set up and provision of an online community platform
  • Collaborative approach to solve complex tasks with dedicated community members
  • Long-term integration of internal and external stakeholders (e.g. customers, experts and suppliers) into your corporate innovation process
  • Leveraging of community interactions and heterogeneity for specific goals of your organization
  • Teach innovation managers in and support community management
  • Vibrant, collaborative and innovation-active company culture

Our Approach

Open Innovation Approach

For the most added-value, HYVE finds appropriate internal and external stakeholders and enables the company to integrate them into the innovation and idea management process to contribute to a vibrant and innovative company culture.

HYVE Idea Management Software

Ideas and suggestions are increasingly important for the innovation process of today’s companies. Customers and employees are an important source of knowledge that can be used to create successful innovations. With the HYVE Innovation Software, we provide a successful online tool to support the idea generation process within a company.

HYVE Innovation Platform

This tool enables your organization to create your own online innovation community, allowing you to interact with external stakeholders and profit from the wisdom of the crowd. Participants generate, co-create and evaluate ideas for various topics.

Offline Tools for Idea Management and Idea Generation

Conducting interactive workshops with diverse stakeholder will provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge either as preparation, complement or follow-up for your idea management.

HYVE modular, full-service approach

For successful innovation management, software offers exponential value when combined with other innovation methods. HYVE offers a modular, full-service approach, including community consulting, concept specification, design, software development, and community management. We help you define your specific requirements and problem statements, create appropriate incentives, specify community roles and functions, develop terms & conditions and initial content, and recruit qualified members.

HYVE End-to-End Services

After the launch of your community, HYVE assists you in moderating the social interaction, ensuring fair and transparent processes and a productive community atmosphere. Further, HYVE supports you in the idea evaluation, prioritization and selection process, jury meetings, as well as in defining project implementation road maps.

Community Management Trainings and Support

HYVE is your partner to teach your idea managers how to steer the social dynamics and interactions of the online innovation community towards the specific goals of your organization. We can support you with our extensive experience in how to actively integrate internal and external stakeholders to ensure vivid, meaningful collaboration.


  • Extensive experience in idea and innovation management for various industries, companies and goals
  • Skilled application of online innovation platforms as a source for idea management
  • More than 16 years of experience in open innovation and community management
  • In-depth understanding of communities and motivation of community members
  • Full-service-provider: Holistic end-to-end innovation capabilities, including software, design, community, and implementation skills
  • Best practice software in active use at leading global companies, including Daimler, Siemens, Fujitsu, Magna, and many more
  • Seamless integration in MS SharePoint, Salesforce Chatter, SAP, IBM Connect and other enterprise software

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Denis Eser
Senior Innovation Consultant

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