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We empower your employees to understand and successfully apply lean and agile working methods and tools


Together with your teams and the innovation eco-system we co-develop new ideas, concepts & business models, conduct feasibility studies and prototype new products & services


Your teams experience a modern, powerful innovation culture built around constant user centricity and receive inspiration by thought leaders

Face the challenge

HYVE Innovation Lab is a unique workspace environment that allows corporates to experiment with new ideas and business models outside of their usual corporate structures.

The journey begins with the company sending teams of three to five people into the HYVE Innovation Lab for 6-12 weeks. HYVE provides a dedicated space and supports the team with guidance, education and mentoring throughout the process.

Additionally, the team can draw from HYVE’s resources and expertise including trend & technology research, design, and digital & physical prototyping. Furthermore, the teams get access to HYVE’s extended innovation ecosystem, which includes universities, corporates, startups and accelerators. They get out of the building to find inspiration at selected events and meet-ups and actively engage with the customer. Equipped with new ideas and skills they return to the home organization as innovation catalysts.

Design your Innovation Lab

During the initial setup a tailor-made lab framework is designed together with the company’s key stakeholders. In this phase, the most suitable participants are selected and the topics, desired outputs, and the project scope are defined. In the exploration phase, the selected teams seek to understand the underlying customer problems. Inspired by new trends, technologies, and best practices they find potential solutions to solve the problem.

Through customer-centric experimentation and iterative validation, they develop new ideas, concepts, and business models. Using HYVE’s in-house design and development resources, digital and physical prototypes are created. Beside the product output, the team members receive education and mentoring in lean and agile working methods to become innovation catalysts when they return to their organization.

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