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Our Approach

Working with people from outside your company will boost your innovativeness. The people we recruit are experts in their specific field of interest. They are extremely creative and highly motivated to co-create. We will help you to find the people specifically matching your project goal, so that together we can work out radically new outside-of-the-box solutions that will take you a leap forward to a user centered innovation. A Lead User project is driven by inspiration and emotion – it`s THE starting point to ignite your innovation process. It’s two days that set directions.
Want to boost your creativity? Work with Lead Users!

Outcome & Benefits

  • Break away from solidified thinking routines
  • Avoid “not-invented-here” syndrome
  • Develop outside-of-the-box products or service ideas
  • Elaborate well-grounded concepts ahead of mass market needs
  • Align project focus and outcome with your specific innovation process requirements
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