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Machine Learning and A.I. 2018-02-21T18:12:20+00:00

Our Approach

The areas of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are more and more becoming essential components for shaping the future,

from Industry 4.0 / Internet of things (IoT) to end-user products. HYVE’s AI team benefits from a strong academic background while at the same time being experienced in applying the latest achievements of scientific research to real-world challenges.
Successfully applying AI technologies requires a holistic understanding of a business and the willingness to transform processes to make way for A.I. to unfold its potential. With its fully integrated innovation competencies, HYVE is able to identify chances for AI-powered solutions and to design and implement innovative concepts to take these opportunities.

Outcome / Benefits

  • Identification of potentials to gain insights and improve processes through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Development of concepts to leverage the power of Machine Learning and AI in products, services, processes and analytics.
  • Design of solutions ranging from (predictive) analytics to AI-powered decision making and intelligent Recommender Systems.
  • Realization of rapid prototyping and Minimum Viable Products

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Marco Maier
Head of Artificial Intelligence