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Open Government

As an Open Innovation pioneer HYVE successfully transferred Open Innovation approaches and methods to the government context: Open Government integrates citizens as well as party and administration members within political or organizational decision processes. HYVE has assisted cities, state agencies, governments, public administrations and institutions as well as individual politicians and political parties in employing e-participation and online consultation tools in order to discuss, elaborate, develop or evaluate important political topics, future strategies, current projects or other points of (public) interest. Our clients use interactive communities to connect members within their organization or virtually execute round table discussions. HYVE offers a selection of approaches and vast expertise in the field of open government, e-participation and new public management at global-, national-, regional- and local levels.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Active engagement of citizens
  • Transparency of political und public processes
  • Generation of a creative idea pool and potential concepts and strategies
  • Enriching existing concepts and initiatives
  • Generation of awareness and optimization of communication
  • Prioritization of concepts and identification of new members
  • Implementation of innovative and state-of-the-art communication channels

Our Approach

We assist you and your institution in identifying and mastering the key challenges associated with the area of Open Government. By offering you a comprehensive portfolio of services including an allround support for each and every project.

Open Government Trainings

Conducting this interactive workshop will provide you and your team with state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices regarding the opportunities, advantages, and challenges of Open Government.

HYVE Online Dialogue

This solution enables your organization to engage with participants in a dialogue to articulate, discuss and evaluate ideas, proposals and concepts in various topic areas.

HYVE Online Consultation

With a HYVE Online Consultation, participants discuss, enrich and develop existing content such as legislative proposals, political strategies, and major construction projects.

HYVE Online Participatory Budget

This solution empowers citizens to vote on the distribution of the budget and to propose own ideas and solutions.

HYVE Open Administration

Integrating internal members, HYVE Open Administration enables political parties, public administration offices and interest groups to network internally, discuss issues and transfer as well as document knowledge.

HYVE Open Education

This solution enables students, faculty, university administration and external enterprises to network to develop advances in science and innovation.


  • Open Government pioneers in Germany since 2003
  • Extensive knowledge in task and problem formulation
  • Target-group specific and individualized community recruiting and campaign management
  • We offer output driven innovation management
  • Professional competence of an interdisciplinary team
  • Experience in combining online and offline events (workshops, jury meetings, award ceremony,…)
  • Leading scientists and innovation pioneers, also in the public sector
  • Combined research and practical expertise

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