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Our Social Media Mining Approach

The wealth of consumer posts, product reviews, customer complaints, or even crowdfunding projects in social media, makes it a rich and profound resource for spotting innovation opportunities and developing consumer-centric products. HYVE combines state-of-the art text mining and machine learning algorithms with netnographic analyses to capitalize on this user-generated, unstructured and big data scaled knowledge.
Our Social Media Mining approach enables you to gain fresh consumer insights for your product and brand and direct you to relevant technology trends and hot topics.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Master the extensive, unstructured data sources in social media to derive consumer insights and innovation opportunities.
  • Identify, extract and evaluate only the relevant patterns in consumer discussions – examples include: trending topics, product sentiments, innovation ideas, or product needs.
  • Apply sophisticated machine learning approaches to create powerful insight engines for your products and brands.
  • Develop, measure, and compare KPIs in ad-hoc or consecutive studies.

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Dorothée Stadler

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