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Innovation Management

Innovation has become the new imperative of management. In a rapidly changing world, businesses must adapt to rapid change and develop products, technologies or services that meet consumers’ needs. Traditionally, innovation has been the field of R&D teams. Many successful companies today are aware of the need to develop holistic innovation approaches in order to fully exploit the company’s potential instead of assigning innovation activities to specific teams. Innovation is more than just the development of new ideas and products. Effective innovation management involves developing a solid innovation strategy, understanding customer needs, building an innovation culture, applying agile and transparent innovation structures and processes, and implementing the right tools and methods to capture the creativity of employees at every level of the organization. While some companies can benefit from an open approach, others need to focus more on internal capacities. We do not believe that an innovation management framework that works in one company can be transformed 1:1 into another company. Each organization has unique characteristics that must be carefully considered when designing effective innovation management. That is why we attach great importance to understanding the challenges of the company and finding suitable and sustainable solutions that fit the company’s goals.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • In-depth understanding of organizational innovation capabilities (strategy, structure, processes, culture, governance)
  • Identification of obstacles that hinder efficient innovation activities
  • Comparison of operational model amongst best in class-references
  • Innovation blueprint that covers a practicable innovation strategy including targets, roles, responsibilities, resources, etc.
  • Definition of innovation structures and processes distinguishing between different levels of innovation
  • Tools, methods and trainings to set up a more dynamic innovation culture and to anchor innovation activities in the company’s mindset
  • Design for an innovative environment that allows active engagement of all employees
  • Definition of potential innovation search fields
  • Pilot project to test the blueprint with a real project

Our Approach

HYVE employs a systematic approach to implement a sustainable innovation management starting with a status-quo analysis integrating relevant stakeholders. Based on these findings, selected best-in class references and the strategic direction the company aims to strive, HYVE supports the organization to derive a clear and practicable innovation strategy. According to the strategy lean innovation structures and processes are defined that allow companies to dynamically improve the existing portfolio or develop new products or services. Established tools and methods are introduced that support a lean and agile innovation management and foster a dynamic innovation culture.



  • From strategy to implementation – holistic consulting regarding the whole product life cycle
  • More than 16 years of experience in innovation management
  • Open Innovation pioneer and thought leader, drawing on HYVE Science Labs
  • In-depth expertise in various industries and cross-industry transfer
  • Extensive best-practice experience
  • Access to broad range of methods and tools
  • Consultants sharing comprehensive knowledge based on relevant perspectives, including users, businesses, technologies, design and processes
  • Ouput-driven and agile approach

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