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Scouting is the art of searching

With the goal of finding solutions for a specific technological challenge or identifying relevant developments in technological white spaces, HYVE applies a systematic scouting approach. Different search strategies are used to identify experts from both practice and academia who depict possible solutions or refer to further sources in their network. In addition the HYVE scouts monitor start-up activities, draw from tech and patent databases and screen the online landscape, e.g. crowdfunding platforms. Bringing in HYVE’s digital expertise the scouting process is accompanied by web-based platforms which invite the crowd to suggest relevant technologies or facilitate the internal assimilation of knowledge.


  • Identify solutions for a specific R&D challenge or technologies that can be adopted from other industries to gain competitive advantage.
  • Classify technologies based on various criteria such as level of maturity or transferability to specific industry.
  • Set up networks to support foresight activities and innovation partnerships.
  • Find cross industry innovation and synergies
  • Establish an ongoing dialog to scouts and technology experts worldwide, both on- and offline.
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