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Innovative Concept and Industrial Design

In the field of concept & industrial design, we support our clients in designing and developing new products. We work in a variety of industries, from consumer electronics and FMCG to high-tech medical product development. The focus is on three goals – delivering the client’s vision on time and on budget, keeping an eye on end-users’ needs and considering all aspects of sustainability.

Our Services

Design Research

Before the actual product development starts, we use design research methods to create an overview, structure the field of interest and keep an eye out for innovation potential. We aim to learn more about the intended target group, to better grasp market and design trends, assess product functionalities and processes and conduct trend analyses. In addition, we work interdisciplinary with results from relevant departments (e.g., product management, marketing, and R&D) to gain a clear picture of the development challenge.

Concept Design

Our goal in the ideation phase is to come up with as many different solutions to the project challenge as possible. We use design thinking methods in our design team and co-creation workshops with customers and users. In iteration loops, the concept fragments created this way are consolidated, checked, and further detailed. The focus in concept design is on the overall product experience & ecosystem. The concepts themselves can be oriented towards the near future as well as towards a more distant vision of the future (e.g. in speculative design, future scenario planning).

Concept Visualization

We want to make ideas understandable and tangible as early as possible in the process, therefore we use a whole repertoire of tools to make this possible – from hand sketches to digital sketches, to 3D models or visualization using VR & AR technology. The results of our work are used in a wide variety of areas, from start-up investor pitches to future visions and market research studies. In addition to the visualization methods, we also rely on design models and prototypes to make concepts understandable.

Industrial Design

As one of our core pillars, we support our clients in developing products and product lines with industrial design services. We accompany the entire process – from the first idea to the final product ready for series production. The tasks are as different as our clients, from the development of a 3D brand language to the design development of medical devices and the design of capital goods for large industrial plants. Please also see our Industrial Design Success Stories.

Design Strategy

Products usually have to be integrated into a larger context – e.g., into markets, product portfolios, or brand languages. It is essential to consciously carry out the necessary positioning and to derive the subsequent steps. We use various tools to work out a design strategy together with our clients. After the strategic basis is in place, we create design guidelines to make what we have developed usable for our clients.

Packaging Design

Another area of our work is designing primary and secondary packaging. Our focus is on designing innovative packaging concepts that break new ground in terms of function, branding, material and sustainability.

In recent years we have been able to implement packaging for clients from a wide variety of industries, from food to cleaning agents to high-tech transport packaging.

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