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March 2nd


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A platform for businesses that strive for sustainable innovation

HYVE has always supported the interplay between business innovation and sustainability.

We know that technological development and demand for sustainable innovation are key drivers of revenue growth for companies in all industries. Therefore, we are supporting more and more companies on their journey to sustainability.

With Sustainable Transformers Talk, we provide a platform for expert insights and peer exchange about sustainability in the business context.

You can expect to learn more about:

  • The impact of sustainability on your future market and audience
  • How others are doing with making sustainability part of their organizations’ business cultures
  • How to integrate sustainability as early as possible in the product development process

Our host

Rebekka Bogner, Innovation Consultant at HYVE

Rebekka studied Intercultural & Innovation Management and Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship. She loves to share, connect and inspire people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be powerful forces to make a difference and solve real-world problems. For some Sustainable Transformers Talks, Rebekka joins forces with Co-Hosts from partner organizations.

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Change happens when many work towards the same goal

Is it for you?

Everyone is welcome to attend Sustainable Transformer Talk. Based on our experience, the following profiles benefit the most from the insights and experiences that our guests share with the audience:

Innovation Managers

You are responsible for innovative initiatives and projects in the company and want to learn from experts.

Product Managers

You are responsible for a sustainable product line and want to consider sustainable components.

Digital Transformers

You are a driver of digitization and digital projects.

CEOs & GMs

You want to find new ways for your teams to be more innovative.