Understand your customers!

Companies that know how and when to use the vast range of research tools that are available today are one step ahead of their competitors when it comes to gather insights that will help them develop successful products. For some [...]

Innovation Thinking in the digital age

At the AUTO CONTACT 2016 in Bad Radkersburg, Austria, it was all about Future Automotive Supply Chain – Managing Complexity and Innovation. HYVE managing director Markus Rieger gave a talk about “Innovation Thinking in the digital age – successful development [...]


Innovation is magic that happens when people of different backgrounds take meet up in an inspiring environment to focus on certain topics and questions. At innovate.healthcare that topic will be healthcare. The aim: To foster and promote the exchange of [...]

Digital Innovation of Education

HYVE proudly accompanies the Initiative of Smart Connectivity of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The new contest “Digital Innovations of Education” is now live on the Open Innovation Platform.
Education is an interesting topic for everyone! Visit the [...]

Creative Thinking

We at HYVE value and rely on creative thinking to push boundaries, think outside the box, and develop innovative products and solutions for our clients. However, we don’t just “get creative” in the ideation phase, but also in the research [...]

Crowd Dialog Europe in Graz

Meet all relevant thought leaders from more than 28 countries at one day in on place. Learn how a Crowd disrupts with an impact that is intoxicating. Join us for a day full of ideas and great minds. As a [...]

Crowdfight Mosquitoes

The Zika virus is making big waves at the moment. But also diseases like Malaria and Dengue-Fever pose a constant threat to the inhabitants of high-risk areas. The two things all these deadly diseases have in common is the fact [...]

International Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard University

Open Innovation in Theory and Practice
HYVE is highly interested in the latest research regarding Open and User Innovation. Besides conducting and publishing research paper ourselves, we want to stay on top of research and published papers associated with Open and [...]

“Smart Regions of Germany” contest

We proudly present the most successful digitalization projects of the “Smart Regions of Germany” contest of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy! Since nearly two years, HYVE successfully accompanies the Initiative of Smart Connectivity of the Federal Ministry [...]

WE LOVE TECH: HYVE at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

HYVE’s visit at Fraunhofer IIS in Nuremberg connected the full amount of technology competences with an approach to customer-centricity and lean innovation. The innovation potential of a combination of Fraunhofer IIS’s developments and the agile, customer-centric innovation approaches HYVE’s been [...]