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International Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard University

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Open Innovation in Theory and Practice
HYVE is highly interested in the latest research regarding Open and User Innovation. Besides conducting and publishing research paper ourselves, we want to stay on top of research and published papers associated with Open and User Innovation. Being highly embedded in the research community helps us to collect understandings and embed this information into our own processes and products. With this approach, our clients benefit from state of the art services.


Boston skyline

Conferences offer a great environment to gather new insights on the latest research. This year the 14th International Open and User Innovation (OUI) Conference took place in Boston at the Harvard Business School. With around 300 participants it was the largest OUI conference so far. From our side, Prof. Dr. Johann Füller und Niclas Kröger attended the conference. At the conference, scholars from all over the world presented their latest research, results and also their work in progress. In total, more than 150 papers and posters were presented sharing their knowledge and theoretical insights.

Discussed research Topics
The topics of the conference were covering all areas of Open and User innovation. Insights were presented in the following sectors:

– User Innovation & Diffusion
– Crowdfunding
– Contests, Crowdsourcing & Open Innovation
– User Innovation in Healthcare
– Law, Policy & IP
– Firm’s Interaction with User Innovation
– Toolkits & Problem Solving
– User Innovation & Psychology
– Sharing Economy & Platforms
– Communities: User Innovation &amp

Havard confernce

Open SourceThe abstracts of all papers and posters presented at the conference can be found here: 14th International OUI Conference, Book of Abstracts (2016).
Former HYVE employees Robert Schimpf and Dr. Thomas Kohler also presented their latest research. Robert showcased his research on the use of interim rewards during crowdsourcing contests. His research focuses on the influence on user participation behavior. For his research, he is looking at two HYVE cases. One of the cases is the HYVE Engineering Contest, where early participants were rewarded with monetary prizes. The other case is the VR one contest. Here, the first 25 submissions were rewarded with a Zeiss VR One headset. Thomas, on the other hand, presented the scaling of crowdsourcing platforms. He is analyzing how the providers of crowdsourcing platforms can create and capture more value. His results propose that business models built on crowds need to involve the members to capture the value created by the community.

Open and User Innovation Conference 2017 in Innsbruck

Johann at Havard

In addition, our CEO Prof. Dr. Johann Füller gave a first look at the 15th Open and User Innovation Conference. He is going to host the conference at the University of Innsbruck on July 9-12 2017. Stay tuned for further updates on the Open and User Innovation Conference 2017!
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