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AMUZA bag – Crowdfunding

2016-02-05T11:55:22+00:00 General, News|

Through game and craft action, AMUZA e.V. provide a programme for local and refugee children, helping them to playfully learn from each other and be creative together. At special AMUZA Days, the children create their own individual cases – the so-called amuza bag. It is filled with treasures from school supplies to toys and produced locally.

The AMUZA bag crowdfunding campaign ist still running for another 2 weeks, so don’t miss your chance for a good deed.

AMUZA e.V. use the money donated to expand the team, so that as many children as possible can join the AMUZA days.  The funds will help  to produce and sell the bags in order to finance the AMUZA days.

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