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HYVE Innovate: All our innovative strength in one agile unit – an interview with HYVE’s CEO Dr. Michael Bartl

The sub-disciplines of innovation known as HYVE Research, HYVE Community and HYVE Design, which have operated independently up to now, are brought together in an agile organisational model of innovation. An interview with CEO Dr. Michael Bartl about the new HYVE Innovate unit in the House of Innovation. We explore [...]

Autonomous Innovation – How AI and Algorithm revolutionize Innovation Management

Can you imagine artificial intelligence developing your next product autonomously? Do you want AI to take over creative processes in the innovation process? Do you have relevant data and the know-how to use it? Is AI-supported innovation for you everyday symphony or the sound of the future? Find out how [...]

Why companies need agencies: Multidisciplinarity

Innovation has many faces because it takes an incredible amount of skills and abilities to succeed. Rarely do you find all the skills you need within a company. Successful innovation is therefore often a patchwork - many consultants, designers and market researchers from different companies and agencies contribute to this. [...]

Munich Creative Business Week – HYVE’s Take-Aways

Munich Creative Business Week is just over; from March 9-17th it presented great ideas, sustainable trends and new products in symposia, conferences and workshops in Munich and the surrounding area. The HYVE team took part in lively discussions and enjoyed the valuable knowledge transfer with business, design business and creative [...]

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New Innovationhub in Las Palmas

"Barra Libre!" is the new WIFI password in the new office in Las Palmas. "Free drinks!" it means. No question, there was enough of them when the new office at Calle León y Castillo 85 was officially opened on 21st of January 2019. The HYVE team from Gran Canaria celebrated  together with the management [...]

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HYVE’s Gridboard has been awarded with the Materialica Silver Award in the category “product” at the Materialica 2014 fair in Munich!

On the 21st of October 2014 the Best- of- Awards were announced at the Munich fair. The 2014 award scheme awarded the HYVE Gridboard with the Materialica Silver Award in the category “product”. So far the Gridboard has been hand made with a tricky method. Soon it will be produced [...]

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HYVE Open Innovation Round Table featuring Stefan Lindegaard

As most companies across all industries have embraced Open Innovation, at least two important questions still remain: How can companies systematically learn from their past experiences? How can firms increase their Open Innovation capabilities? In his talk Stefan Lindegaard, one of Europe’s most distinguished thinker and blogger on Open Innovation [...]

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Prof. Füller speaks the Open Innovation Conference -Deutsche Museum / Munich

On November 11th Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, CEO of the HYVE AG, speaks about Open Innovation Best Practices at the Open Innovation Conference (Deutsche Museum, Munich). He will also start the next Open Innovation Contest on the Engineering Community. If you would like to learn more or even attend the [...]

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