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AMUZA bag – Crowdfunding

Through game and craft action, AMUZA e.V. provide a programme for local and refugee children, helping them to playfully learn from each other and be creative together. At special AMUZA Days, the children create their own individual cases - the so-called amuza bag. It is filled with treasures from school supplies to toys and produced [...]

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World of Innovation

Innovations are the driving force behind young enterprises. The German TV magazine “Welt der Wunder” has been exploring where innovations come from and has discovered HYVE. The question: What do innovation agencies do? As one of the biggest in its field, we help our clients to include users, customers and [...]

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Icaros on welt.de

The flying fitness machine is talk of the town. After its latest appearances at CES, DLD and ISPO there is no way around it anymore.The article “Muskelaufbau wie im Flug” from the 23rd of January is also available online. It gives you insights on how Icaros was invented and about [...]

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Innovators‘ Inc.

The days of Gyro Gearloose are over – Innovation nowadays takes place together with employees and the public. This starts with the discovery and identification of needs and spreads across all sectors and industries, from Autonomous Driving, egg nogg, traceless deodorants and agricultural machinery to the future of VR Fitness. [...]

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New Meals on Wheels

Join the Innovation Challenge by GMS Gourmet GmbH until the 15th of March 2016! Austria’s market leader for food and luxury food is together with GMS Gourmet GmbH and HYVE conducting an innovation contest for finding new ideas that allow elderly people to lead a self-determined and enjoyable life as long as [...]

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