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Between practice and research

Since October 2014, Wirtschaftskammer Tirol has been endowing the professorship “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Professor Johann Füller has recently given an Interview to Eva-Maria Hotter from Innovation magazine, talking about new ideas, the implementation and entrepreneurial challenges. A PDF of the article Between practice and research is now available online.

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Book tip: Open Tourism

Just in time for the start of the new year, Springer published a new book on Open Innovation in Service Industry. The works consists of about 35 articles written by experts, researchers and practitioners of Open Innovation and Tourism, such as Johann Füller, Frank Piller, Volker Bilgram, Doro Stadler, Katja [...]

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As an official partner of the MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK, we are opening our doors for an exclusive get-together on the 25th of February. Find out all about the story of HYVE, our methods and take part in an Open Innovation Challenge. There will also be a chance to fly [...]

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FINAL CALL: Rethinking Kids’ Medication

This is the final call for our Rethinking Kids’ Medication Contest! Until the 22nd of December, AbbVie is still looking for innovative solutions to help children struggling with medical treatment. Thanks to all for your valuable idea contributions, social interactions on the CoCreate Healthcare Forum and strong commitment to the contest [...]

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Big Data III

Following two successful seminars, STREETFIGHTING BIG DATA is going into the third round. The workshop introduces you to the most important terms regarding Big Data and Data Science. By means of a variety of examples and free tools, tutor Jörg Blumtritt (Datarella) showcases the four steps in the big data [...]

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ICAROS is the future

From robo-butler to self-cleaning tiles, Wi-Fi plant sensors, instinct vacuum cleaners and Smart Body Analyzer: The future looks bright, innovative and very convenient. With all the new gadgets making it easy to be lazy, the only thing that will become more difficult is to stay healthy. Unless you equip your [...]

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