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Crowdfight Mosquitoes

2016-08-16T13:00:40+00:00 General, News|

The Zika virus is making big waves at the moment. But also diseases like Malaria and Dengue-Fever pose a constant threat to the inhabitants of high-risk areas. The two things all these deadly diseases have in common is the fact that they get transmitted by Mosquitoes and that there are no effective vaccinations for them.

Therefore, the most effective protection from these diseases is the protection from Mosquitoes themselves. The inhabitants of high-risk areas utilize a plethora of remedies to protect themselves from mosquito bites and their consequences. In addition to the many products that can be bought in any supermarket, there is a wide range of home remedies which are often cheaper and sometimes even more effective than their store-bought counterparts.

We too want to help reduce the threat of infection. That’s why we aim to provide the knowledge about different remedies to a wide range of people. To accomplish this we started the “Crowdfight Mosquitoes” competition which will run on the HYVE Crowd during the next weeks.

The goal is to collect as many remedies as possible against mosquitoes and their effects. This includes both tested and proven methods, as well as new and creative solutions no one has though of yet. Click here to take part in the contest.

Support the campaign on Thunderclap

In an effort to maximize the reach of our contest, we have started a Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap is a platform that enables user to share projects they like via social media. For a project to be shared, at least 100 people have to support it on Thunderclap. On the due day of the Thunderclap campaign, in this case the 17th of August, the contest will be shared simultaneously on the social media channels selected by each user. This will hopefully create enough buzz to raise awareness for our cause.

Click this link and select the “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Facebook” option to support our cause and help in the fight against the worlds’ deadliest animal.

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