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HYVE Open Innovation Round Table featuring Stefan Lindegaard

2017-03-15T10:53:02+00:00 Allgemein|

As most companies across all industries have embraced Open Innovation, at least two important questions still remain: How can companies systematically learn from their past experiences? How can firms increase their Open Innovation capabilities? In his talk Stefan Lindegaard, one of Europe’s most distinguished thinker and blogger on Open Innovation will share his experience on how companies can evaluate their open innovation initiatives based on seven key areas. Further, Giordano Koch, Managing Director of Europe’s leading Open Innovation Agency (HYVE) will provide practical insights from various customer projects. A discussion session will ensure that participants may exchange their experiences. For more information, go to www.15inno.com/

When? November 12th
Where? HYVE, Schellingstaße 45, 80799 Munich
Please contact us us, if you want to join!

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