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Innovation has a home

2017-03-15T10:52:59+00:00 General, News|
HYVE have opened Bavarias first Haus der Innovation at the center of Munich this week. After a breakfast and workshop with bavarian company leaders and a HYVE family day on Tuesday, the house was oficially opened on Wednesday. On the topic of Digital Transformation, experts, forthinkers and practicians of all industries gathered to discuss changes, challenges and chances of fields like affective computing, open health, social collaboration, energy and others. Staatsminister Dr. Marcel Huber opened the day with a short speech praising the companys effort before cutting the ribbon at the front door.

„Bavaria and especially Munich is a real innovation machine which from now on shall have a home for the entire network to meet. It’ll be a meeting point for the exchange of ideas, collaboration and inspiration for all industries and companies of any size as well as start-ups.”, said Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, one of the founders.

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