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Make It Your Favorite Destination

2017-03-15T10:52:59+00:00 General, News|
Yoga rooms, golf courses, libraries—some airports already feature these or other attractions for passengers and visitors to enjoy. We have now launched the new Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge as an opportunity for you to contribute your own ideas for making Frankfurt Airport an even better, more unique place. Help us create a fascinating new world: the airport of the future. Register now to join our community. As a member, you can either submit ideas on your own or brainstorm with others to come up with innovative proposals. It’s worthwhile to participate: the competition’s winners will receive attractive prizes!

Participants from around the globe may submit their ideas until June 28 at www.fra-challenge.de.

There are no limits on the creativity that participants can apply with helping to shape the airport of the future.

Your ideas can address one of the following categories “arrival”, “departure”, “transfers” or “visits” or the entire travel process of a passenger. Suggestions for new services or facilities are just as welcome as proposals for strengthening Frankfurt Airport’s image as the world’s number one gateway to Germany.

It’s Worthwhile to Participate!

The competition’s winners will receive the following prizes:

  1. place: € 3,000
  2. place: € 2,000
  3. place: € 1,000
  4. place: A travel voucher for the Fraport Travel Service worth € 500 (redeemable for flights, hotels, etc.)
  5. place: A voucher for Gebr. Heinemann Duty Free shops worth € 300 (redeemable at various locations)
  6. place: A voucher for Frankfurt Airport worth € 200 (redeemable in all shops and restaurants at Frankfurt Airport)

In addition to these prizes, the jury may award attractive special prizes. Especially active members of the community can also look forward to receiving a special surprise.

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