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Munich Creative Business Week – HYVE’s Take-Aways

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Munich Creative Business Week is just over; from March 9-17th it presented great ideas, sustainable trends and new products in symposia, conferences and workshops in Munich and the surrounding area.
The HYVE team took part in lively discussions and enjoyed the valuable knowledge transfer with business, design business and creative disciplines.

Quelle: MCBW

Source: MCBW

Here are our take-aways of one week full of inspiration and experience:

1. Are management consultancies the better agencies?

Aurelie Jamard, Innovation Strategist at HYVE, heard the panel discussion about the assumption of classic agency tasks by management consultants.

In a nutshell:

  • The perception of the “expensive, heartless consultants” towards the “crazy creatives” is unfortunately still present in people’s minds. But the market is moving towards consolidation, whether they want it or not, and both must learn to work together.
  • Many consultancies have bought creative agencies, but the work culture is so different in both areas that it is often difficult to integrate them into the company. However, end customers need the services of both agencies because they cannot do it alone, they need the help of multidisciplinary teams.
  • The culture of experimentation and failure that is so important for creativity and innovation is so far removed from German culture that customers are really struggling with these new ways of working that are nevertheless essential for a company. This is why they (still) prefer consultants to creative agencies.

Aurelie sums up: “Everyone talks about consultants vs. creative agencies, but what about innovation agencies? The people who work on innovations are both strategists and creatives! In fact, there are three core competencies of innovation: research, design and strategy.”

2. StartUp Moonshot Pitch

Mirko Bahrenberg, Danny Sierra and Julia Bastian, Innovation Consultants at HYVE heard the StartUp Moonshot Pitch and were overwhelmed: participants worked in 12 units on the transformation of an early stage startup into a global player. Within only 72 hours!

The participants invested their expertise in the crew of the winning start-up, which was to be transferred to the real economy at the end of the 72 hours.

Mirko is thrilled: “A really great storytelling, everything is built around the Moonshot: Organizers are Mission Control, moderators Flight Control etc. and you could fly great“.

In a nutshell:

  • If it becomes clear halfway that a project cannot succeed, a restart, a reset is a benefit not only for the company, but also for the customer.
  • Storytelling creates emotions. The Moonshot theme and the passion of the Moonshot team are inspiring for the participants.


Source: MCBW

3. Trusting Invisibility

Aurelie went to a presentation from DesignIt on the role of customer trust in the invisibility of everyday products and services. On the importance of creating transparency in technologies we don’t see and integrating them into everyday life and the (better) life.

In a nutshell:

  • A (personal) responsibility for what we design leads to an honest and authentic design.
  • The trust of the users lives on an honest design.


4. Official reception of the MCBW

Christina Karuna, Innovation Project Manager at HYVE, mingled in the double cone of the BMW Welt with the visitors from Munich’s key players, from politics, industry and culture.

The focus of the evening was on the interface between film and design on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Bavaria Film. The opening speech of the Minister of State, Hubert Aiwanger, was followed by a panel discussion about the changes in the definition of design and innovation in recent years and decades and what design and film have in common.

In a nutshell:

  • While film and film production have rarely been seen as one of the forms of design so far, all the special effects in the editing of films, the design of the stage, the individual objects and elements in the film, the costume design are exactly that: a form of design.
  • Film is facing a constant change and further development during the last years. New technologies enable better resolutions, better shots.
  • This allows for more scalability, which in turn has its price: scenes have to be better thought through, new technologies require a lot of precision, technical and thematic expertise are necessary.


5. Start-up Architecture – New Tools for Built Environment

The workshop dealt with digitisation in the planning and construction industry and the emergence of new companies in architecture.

In a nutshell:

  • Painpoints of architecture and engineering are little digital innovation & automation, lack of transparency of business and working conditions, lack of a platform for talent search & skill representation as well as unattractive working models (overtime, underpaid, customer control, inefficient working methods).
  • Solution approaches are Archipreneur, Skillary, a digital platform for talent and recruiting management, Capmo, construction software for architects and site managers or Archilyse.
  • Empathy for the customer is essential, especially in the architecture industry. One size fits not all!
  • Holistic thinking & interdisciplinary working groups must be encouraged in order to gain new and unexpected insights.
  • Connectivity and knowledge sharing is a valuable service in any industry.


6. Do you need more courage in marketing?

Isabel Salzmann, Marketer at HYVE, visited the TULP Talk, in which three speakers examined the topic of courage from different perspectives.

In a nutshell:

  • Marketing needs more courage for pleasure.
  • This desire is lost through the analytical nature of new marketing with its mechanization.
  • Marketing must give creativity space to try things and calculate failure.
  • In order to raise creative potential, one must know and use one’s own behavioural style.


HYVE will host the MCBW 2020 in the House of Innovation. We are already looking forward to it today!


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