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Rescue mopeds – life savers from the crowd

2018-06-19T17:12:45+00:00 Corporate Innovation, Crowdsourcing|

A crowdsourcing contest that revolutionized medical care in Bandung shows just how strong and current this principle of "distributed innovation" is. High traffic and lacking infrastructure Bandung is the fourth largest city in Indonesia with 3 million inhabitants. Including the Java metropolitan region, the region has 16 million inhabitants. It [...]


2016-09-14T17:27:51+00:00 General, News|

Innovation is magic that happens when people of different backgrounds take meet up in an inspiring environment to focus on certain topics and questions. At innovate.healthcare that topic will be healthcare. The aim: To foster and promote the exchange of ideas in order to develop new business models. From the [...]

Creative Thinking

2017-03-15T10:52:45+00:00 General, News|

We at HYVE value and rely on creative thinking to push boundaries, think outside the box, and develop innovative products and solutions for our clients. However, we don’t just “get creative” in the ideation phase, but also in the research and analyisis phases. Merging analytical thinking with creative thinking results [...]

International Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard University

2017-03-15T10:52:46+00:00 General, News|

Open Innovation in Theory and Practice HYVE is highly interested in the latest research regarding Open and User Innovation. Besides conducting and publishing research paper ourselves, we want to stay on top of research and published papers associated with Open and User Innovation. Being highly embedded in the research community [...]