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How Human Centered Design is Revolutionizing Microsurgery

The Innsbruck-based startup BHS Technologies led by Markus Hütter, Michael Santek and Gregor Burger has just launched the world’s first RoboticScope. Why are we so excited about it? HYVE accompanied the project right from the start and, together with BHS, pursued the goal of setting a new standard in microscopy and thus sustainably innovating microsurgery.

Design in medical technology is more than just aesthetics

Usability is increasingly recognized as a success factor for the productive use of new technologies in healthcare. The complicated operation of systems is not tolerable for surgeons in an already busy working day, nor are the risks of incorrect operation in the context of patient treatment. Simple and intuitive operability, technical reliability and signals in colours and shapes play an essential role in the design and development of medical devices.

With this background, 2.5 years ago, HYVE and BHS began their joint journey with the vision to design a robot 3D microscope for surgical purposes with an associated head-mounted display (HMD) and a matching user interface. Shortly thereafter, BHS was able to bring about the proof of concept and advance the technical development to such an extent that the design of a first generation for series production was possible.

Since then about 450 mails, 1,108 hours and 12 concepts have passed.


In the course of development, extensive experience was gathered with regard to the technical requirements and implementation possibilities as well as with regard to operability and use in various operations – for example in the field of ENT or neurology. These experiences and the current state of development as well as many further researches form the basis for a targeted development of the industrial design as well as the conception and implementation of a user interface / human-machine interface suitable for operators.


Set new standards

With AMP, the RoboticScope, surgeons get a tool that expands their senses. AMP, truly sets new standards in microsurgery; the head-mounted display transmits small head movements of the surgeon directly to the microscope on the robotic arm. The surgeon can intuitively control the microscope by means of head movements, adopt different angles by tilting the head, see the smallest anatomical structures and no longer have to put instruments away. A revolution in the field of micro-surgery!

Human Centered Design by HYVE

Using the Human Centered Design approach, HYVE placed the needs of the individual stakeholders at the centre of its design work. Starting with the development of a common design vision, a strategic design consulting for the interaction of man and machine, a technology research, the design development of the head mounted display, UX/UI developments of touch display and interface at the HDM up to the interior design of the show truck. Only with the deepest understanding of the process, the task and the problems of the customer is it possible to create a product that meets their needs.

“With the principles of Human Centered Design as a method, user-centered innovation becomes systematically possible. The customer-centered view is integrated into an interactive development process, considered and leads to innovative products that people need and love”. (Andreas Beer, Managing Director HYVE).

RoboticScope – the success story in a nutshell:

  • Together from the idea to a complex high-tech ecosystem
  • Together from a 3D print proof of Conceptt to series production development
  • Together from the idea workshop to interaction possibilities up to a hands free interaction solution that is unique worldwide.

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