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World of Innovation

2017-03-15T10:52:59+00:00 General, News|
Innovations are the driving force behind young enterprises. The German TV magazine “Welt der Wunder” has been exploring where innovations come from and has discovered HYVE. The question: What do innovation agencies do? As one of the biggest in its field, we help our clients to include users, customers and creative in the development of new products in a structured way. Start-Ups can be the key factor to success when established companies want to escape set structures. In that case, HYVE takes on the role as a gatekeeper, incubator and accelerator, making sure that creatives are at the right place at the right time. The HYVE Crowd has therefore been established as a constant idea platform, on which members can join a variety of idea campaigns and submit their ideas, often with the chance to win great prizes. Sounds exciting? It is! For more, watch the interview with our managing director Giordano Koch:


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