Sustainable innovation for your business

Paths to Sustainable Innovation

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Actively shaping change

What does your individual Green Deal look like?

Sustainability potentially affects all areas of a business. That’s why the path to sustainability is different for every company.

The following exemplary questions can point the way: 

  • Is sustainability part of our corporate philosophy yet? Or do we still need to work out how we want to position ourselves in terms of sustainability? 
  • Do we know how sustainable our product and service offering is today and what possible levers we can apply? 
  • Are there legal framework conditions or industry standards for sustainability that affect our area? 
  • What will our market look like in the future and what will be important to our customers then? 

Depending on the answers to these questions, suitable tools and methods exist to work out the missing pieces of the puzzle. This way, the abstract and often bulky term of sustainability can be translated into concrete strategies, services, products, and business models. We‘re here to support you from building competencies to developing new products and services that benefit both your customers and the environment.

What is your company’s take on sustainability through innovation?    

To find out, we offer a  Sustainability Power Hour with a diverse group of participants from different areas of your company. In this workshop, we will guide you through the principles of sustainable innovation and show you various methods for driving sustainability forward in your company. The development of your sustainability strategy can build on this basis.

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Strategy & Vision

Develop sustainable strategies

How are you preparing your company for a sustainable future?

Future Scenario Planning is a proven method to make strategic decisions towards a sustainable future. For a topic as complex as sustainability, scenarios help you to look at different perspectives, think outside the corporate box, and thus help you make the right decisions in the present for a sustainable future.

The basis for working with scenarios are insights we gain from relevant studies, (greentech) startup, trend & technology scouting and interviews with industry experts. This enables you to make fact-based, more sustainable decisions that prepare your company for the future.

Culture & Transformation

Empower your team

Is sustainability already part of your corporate culture?

No strategy is successful without the appropriate culture. With the help of experts and keynote speakers, you will gain insights into current industry standards, best practices and scientific findings, and thus gain new and exciting perspectives. Inspire your team and other relevant stakeholders to drive sustainability from within.

Internal employee campaigns are suitable for actively involving employees in the transformation process. Benefit from existing knowledge and find out what your team expects from your company regarding sustainability – because the transformation is only successful if it is understood and shaped by many.

Consumer Insights & Co-Creation

Understand what matters to your customers

Where should you start and which aspects are truly relevant for your users?

Materiality Analysis shows you which topics and work areas are most important for your company and your stakeholders regarding sustainability. In other words, it helps you to prioritize. An online survey provides the data from important stakeholders- for example employees, customers, investors, and industry experts.

In a Netnography, HYVE researchers analyze online forums and social media on a topic you specify. This gives you a deep understanding of how consumers in your industry talk about sustainability, how they live sustainability in their daily lives, and where they encounter obstacles.

Online Research Communities (ORC)  offer insights into new, sustainable ideas, concepts and innovations. Here selected users meet to openly discuss their needs, wishes and concerns when it comes to sustainability.

Products & Business Models

Sustainable by design

Do you want to make your concepts sustainable right from the start?  

Every new product and service leaves a footprint. We can measure this environmental impact using a lifecycle analysis and help you develop new products and services with lower emissions. This allows you to make more conscious and sustainable decisions – for example, by using monomaterials or secondary materials. Every new development is also an opportunity to consider Circular Economy principles right from the start: reduce, reuse, recycle.

In Sustainable Business Model Workshops, we help you work out ideas for potential new business models. With the help of the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, you outline models that offer your customers added value, are sustainable and profitable at the same time. Following the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit! For the further development and potential spin-offs of companies, we work together with experienced venture builders such as Pioneers Innovation and other visionaries.

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Stay up to date

We consider ourselves as a platform for exchange and innovation around sustainability. To this end, we regularly bring together experts, users, and researchers. Whether it’s our Sustainable Transformers Talks webinar series or podcasts on sustainability topics, here you’ll find our latest info nuggets at a glance.

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Collaboration is key

We have a strong network of partners who can support a wide range of sustainability projects with their expertise.

Implement sustainable innovation successfully

The topic of sustainability has never been as omnipresent as it is today. Politicians, companies, and consumers are aware of the importance of the topic. But what do you have to pay attention to if you want to make a company sustainable and thus successful in the long term? Learn more about the criteria for success in the development and implementation of sustainable innovations.

How to succeed at Sustainable Innovation?