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Since the very beginning of HYVE, product design and development has been a solid pillar of our foundation and interdisciplinary setup. With our award-winning design and development competencies, we turn your and our ideas into reality and involve strong partners and experts worldwide to meet the always individual challenges with precision.

Technology Scouting & Analytics

Our research and analysis of upcoming technologies and exploration of the market will surely make your product successful. Such consulting can include the research of technologies, products, components as well as digital aspects and has proven to be effective in testing innovative ideas and their feasibility at an early stage. Technology Scouting includes research on existing products and technologies in a previously defined area of interest, a brand analysis of competitors, patent scouting, screening of scientific studies & publications and trend research. Numerous research activities along these areas of interest generate a holistic overview of the potential of an innovative idea or concept.

Award-winning Concept & Industrial Design

As award-winning product and industrial designers, we consider both the user and relevant manufacturing factors from the design phase onwards. Through the targeted use of CAD software, usable data sets for model construction, photorealistic representations and virtual experience of the designs in 1:1 are created at an early stage. In doing so, our clients draw on the formal-aesthetic expertise of all team members and receive customized designs for their clients that are feasible and take into account the target specifications in terms of quality and costs. And in addition to the in-depth processing of their project, we are also happy to look beyond the end of our nose and contribute impulses for possible product extensions, value spreads, portfolio, production possibilities, innovative technologies and materials. Find out more about our Product Design Process. 

Phygital Prototyping and Testing

We prototype early, fast and iteratively to make products and their digital layers tangible and to get immediate feedback. We are a team of physical and digital experts, combining the skills, knowledge and cultural background to successfully innovate in today’s complex ecosystems. To do so, we apply the appropriate resources in a targeted and cost-sensitive manner to answer precisely the questions and uncertainties that arise at each stage of development: From paper and Wizard of Oz prototypes to mockups with simulated electronics to pre-production series made of real material with integrated systems. Learn more about our Prototyping and Testing services.

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Cross Industry Designs

We have assisted dozens of companies in developing various technological products and bringing them into production: Medical devices, consumer-oriented products, electronics, and industrial equipment. Our designers develop new units both from scratch and based on existing platforms and combinations of finished purchased products.

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Awarded design projects

BSH kitchen machine "Styline": reddot design award & product design award 2011

01 / 14

MedEl Quick Check: reddot design award winner

02 / 14

Tyrolit: German Design Award Winner

03 / 14

Vario Flexi Dogleash: reddot award winner

04 / 14

Gridboard: German design award winner

05 / 14

ICAROS Cloud, German Design Award 2021 for its outstanding product design in the category sports, outdoor activities and leisure

06 / 14

Oligo, BREAK-IT pendant luminaire, Design Plus Award by Messe Frankfurt and the German Design Council`

07 / 14

Telekom Paketbutler

08 / 14

Müller Froop Packaging Design

09 / 14

BSH iron design

10 / 14

ABS Backpack

11 / 14

Audi Key

12 / 14

3D Printer

13 / 14

Osram Light Design

14 / 14

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