Technology seeks application – Finding new use cases with the HYVE Crowd

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Finding new applications for existing technologies using our community’s knowledge.

With the HYVE Crowd, you can find new applications for your existing technologies and enter new markets. The diverse community has excellent knowledge in numerous industries and thus provides the opportunity to tap potential in business areas outside of your own bubble.

Here’s how it works

As a company, you simply describe your technology. based on this, our Crowd members contribute ideas for how the technology can be used. The winning ideas are eventually awarded prize money, and you receive the rights to them.

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Success stories from and with the Crowd

Read about how our customers used the diverse ideas of the HYVE Crowd to find use cases for their technology. Our customers are frequently surprised by the depth and maturity of the contributions. The external perspective of the community of experts and innovators removes blinders and enables thinking outside the box.



In our whitepaper, you will learn how Vodafone discovered new applications for its narrowband IoT technology by tapping into the diverse ideas of the HYVE Crowd.

Based on a newly developed technology, Vodafone was able to create a product with the help of creative ideas from the Crowd, as well as close collaboration with partners and customers. This not only engaged a new customer group, and a new business segment. It also solved their user needs and pain points at the same time.

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Our customers

These companies find new fields of application for existing technologies with the Crowd:

The HYVE Crowd has a wide range of applications, as the software supports every stage of the innovation process. This includes idea generation, validation, customer feedback, and the search for new applications for existing technologies.

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Working with the HYVE Crowd has opened our eyes to an external perspective. It has dramatically accelerated innovation and digital transformation!

Dr. Alev Kirazli, Volkswagen

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