Wiesn-Feeling Webinar: Beiersdorf & HYVE table

Learn about lean prototyping & quick user testing while enjoying a virtual Wiesn atmosphere.

With autumn in full swing, the Oktoberfest is within reach. Normally. We all know that this year is everything but normal, so let’s not dive into that again. However, we’d love to try out something with you. Yes, you the Beiersdorf team! In the spirit of “fake it till you make it”- we’re hosting an informal online session, where we share our learnings from lean prototyping & testing while faking (aka lean prototyping) a virtual Oktoberfest.

What does that mean?

We have split the topic of lean prototyping into two informal virtual Oktoberfest evening sessions (each starting at 17:30):

Session 1: Fast (digital) prototype building (30-40 mins)

  • In the first session we will show you how to build digital & physical prototypes fast.
  • Plus, if you ever wanted to hear Alexa provide tips about Nivea’s products, this session is for you!

Session 2:  Fast (digital) prototype & idea testing (30-40 mins)

  • In this session you will hear about different techniques and ways on how to quickly test ideas & prototypes. This can help you to get results faster and work more efficiently.  

Beer Q&A: At the end of each session there will be a Q&A with the chance to exchange and discuss ideas, lessons learnt over a beer.

Additional Info:

Dresscode: In case you have a Dirndl or Lederhosn it’s time to wear it and if you don’t own one, that’s no problem, come as you are.

Plus, once you signed up, we will send you a fast Wiesn outfit prototype that will put you in the mood. Promised!

So, bring your own favorite beer or Apfelschorle (or anything else that puts you in a festive mood).

You will find answers to the following questions:

…what types of lean prototyping exist?

…what are the questions that I will need to ask myself when deciding for the right method?

…who can pull of the best Wiesn Outfit this year?

Essentials at a glance:


Session 1: 27th  October 17:30

Session 2: 29th of October: 19:30

Meet the speaker:

Volker Bilgram:

His favorite Wiesn moment / His main lesson learnt from visiting the Oktoberfest xx times in his live:

You should participate, if:

…you miss the Oktoberfest and/or if you never had the chance to participate

… you work in the field of new product development/ innovation, customer experience/ service design

…want to learn about more fast & efficient ways and methods to test and develop new exciting products/ services

Prost & hope to see you soon!

For questions, other inquiries contact: