Understand the Thermomix family's
secrets to success


In collaboration with selected members of their own Thermomix Rezeptwelt Community, Vorwerk wants to achieve a deep understanding of consumers’ ‘cooking journeys’ as well as users’ needs in the recipe search phase when using a Thermomix. A further goal is the improvement of the user experience of the recipe community rezeptwelt.de by co-creating the community’s beta version.


Over the duration of three weeks 47 participants were engaged to discuss their cooking behavior and the community’s beta version in an “Online Research Community”.

A variety of interactive research modules such as a discussion forum, a diary and surveys helped to create lively interaction between Vorwerk and the community members


By involving the community members in the development and integration of the new website’s optimized functionalities the members adopted the changes naturally.
 Different user types in terms of search behavior were identified. Important features and functions within the Rezeptwelt.de community, such as the rank of search fields and filter functions were directly modified.