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HYVE ePaddle electric propulsion 2019-09-20T11:53:40+00:00

 HYVE ePaddle
concept, engineering & design of an electric propulsion

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With ePaddle, the HYVE design team demonstrates their strengths in the entire design process – from the idea through to the research, concept, development and prototype construction and up to the patented product.

The idea for a drive unit for longboards originated in summer, 2013. Inspired by Stand Up Paddling, the HYVE designers conceived a device for the electric propulsion of sports devices for long boarders, surfers and inline skaters regardless of whether a beginner or complete professional.

The ePaddle project covers the most important process steps of product development. A comprehensive concept and research phase serves as a base for the subsequent draft process. In parallel with the design development, the registration of the relevant protective rights also occurs here which in addition to the patent submission, also includes the design and trademark protections. A perfect product requires the steady improvement of technology and design. For this purpose, different design models and prototypes are made in the subsequent prototyping phase and are tested and consequently optimized.



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