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 HYVE Icaros
UX & start-up building of a VR workout machine

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ICAROS combines your workout with a unique flying experience – discover space or explore the Amazonas, fly through the perfect wave. Anything is possible in virtual reality. ICAROS is a new fitness and gaming device. With it you train your body and your mind. Simply with your movements on the ICAROS you control and determine the flight path or diving path in the game. It sounds quite easy and so it is – but it needs a little exercise not to crash. Once you have it, you’ll never want to walk again.

Making one of the biggest dreams of mankind become reality was the emotional origin for bringing ICAROS to life. How can we create something that could enable people to fly? How can we make you fly? Trying to answer those questions was how it all started as an internal design project at HYVE.

At a time when Virtual Reality was still stuck in its infancy and rather unknown to the market we just had to make it possible to deliver the real feeling of flying.There had to be more than just standing around wearing your VR headset or even sitting on your couch gambling. What was missing was the physical aspect. You won’t dive through clouds and speed meters above the ground by standing around.

A HYVE internal team around Michael Schmidt and Johannes Scholl designed and engineered a gadget that not only enables you to fly, but challenges you physically as well. By shifting your body weight ICAROS can be operated, while sensors transmit your movement to the Virtual Reality. Thereby you control your direction of flight and you’re not only visually but physically connected to a virtual world. A virtual world to fly in.
ICAROS connects gaming and fitness aspects by making you use your mind and your muscles. While flying over mountains, soft hills and through deep caves you train and stimulate your body’s core strength while experiencing the joy of flying.

In 2015 ICAROS was founded as a start-up by HYVE by Michael Schmidt and Johannes Scholl and has achieved a lot since then. Meanwhile the company and its team consisting of professionals from game designers and engineers to programmers and sales people has outgrown its infancy and moved to Martinsried close to Munich earlier this year. ICAROS’ vision of the future of VR is quite chrystal clear. Michael Schmidt (co-founder of ICAROS) explains:
“Active VR is not a trend, it is a new type of sports. There will be championships and champions, there will be people who will get successfull just like in other sports by professionalsim.”

ICAROS office

ICAROS has been included in the German Accelerator – a programm by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) that helps German start-ups to get to know the US market. In this context ICAROS envoys move to their temporal location in Silicon Valley / California from April to July 2017, together with a big container cargo full of Icaros Pro.

“The GERMAN ACCELERATOR enables us to build a strong network in Silicon Valley and gives us the opportunity to get to know the US people and to start distributing in the US.”
Johannes Scholl (co-founder of ICAROS GmbH)

Icaros can be met on events and exhibitions all over the globe. If you want to meet them, don’t hestitate to ask for a date!
For more information please visit ICAROS.net



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