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design of various products for MED-EL product portfolio

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As part of the design development of several MED-EL medical products such as the Audio Processor Samba, the Quickcheck, the Demo Kit for retailers or their packaging / protective case, HYVE completed the product family by implementing the newly elaborated product design guidelines.

Each product fits in with the clear design language of the family of hearing implants with accessories. As a result of the consistent compliance of design guidelines that HYVE has framed, some products of the MED-EL portfolio has been honoured with considerable and important design awards. The VSB QuickCheck was awarded the Reddot Winner Award 2013 and the Audio Processor the Reddot Winner Award 2014. The Patient Kit was nominated for the German Packaging Prize 2015.

VSB QuickCheck

With the VSB QuickCheck testing device, the functionality of active hearing implants can be tested in a simple and efficient way. During the operative implantation of a hearing aid, no specially trained technician has to be present to carry out the complex tests.
The highly sensitive instrument provides all the necessary information at the touch of a button and gives the ENT surgeon immediate assurance as to whether the implant is working as intended.


MED‐EL’s middle ear implants and bone conduction implants offer a completely new outlook for patients who do not receive satisfactory benefit from conventional hearing aids. The hearing systems consist of an implant and an externally worn audio processor. Due to the distinctive design of the audio processor, user’s have the freedom to decide how they wish to wear their processor: discretely and comfortably under the hair or more visibly by embracing the motto “Your Style, Your Life, Your Hearing”. The wide selection of covers allows user’s to define each and every day. Should the audio processor match today’s striking red nail varnish or the brightly coloured footwear? The audio processor is no longer simply a hearing device but rather an elegant and contemporary accessory.

The Audio Processor is a device that is comparable to the size of a watch. Changing the battery with such a small device can be a difficult task requiring a steady hand and fine motoric skills. In order to achieve this task, HYVE has optimized the battery opening allowing easy handling even for larger hands. With our expertise in engineering, HYVE has used the simplest and most practical solution in various studies for Samba.

Samba Case

The brief for this project was to design a storage case for the Samba processor, ensuring the safe storage of the audio processor during it’s product lifecycle (~ 5 years lifetime). With its compact appearance, the flat and light case fits into every small pocket. The case is designed to store two replacement batteries and furthermore two of the change covers within.

Samba Packaging

On behalf of MED-EL, HYVE developed a high-quality sales package with the aesthetics of a jewellery box. In high-quality laminated boxes with print finishing, the audio processors and the necessary accessories are stored like a precious treasure on a black velvet bed.
Held together by a slipcase, the products can be kept discretely with aesthetic far away from old-fashioned acoustic appliances back in the days.

Demo Kit

Another item in the MED-EL portfolio that HYVE designed is the demo kit. It presents MED-EL entire or partial product portfolio. The objective was to develop a modular demo kit system that fulfills the requirements regarding the content in every region of the world, and represents the systems in a high-quality and complete manner with all its features, as well as demonstrating the unique technical solutions. The demokit has some special features for the MED-EL representatives. They can easily assemble the tables, depending on the equipment they want to show. Removing an item the special soft inlay material rewarps to its original mold and so it never appears uncomplete.

MED-EL Packaging

HYVE unified various packaging solutions for the audio processor patient kit through a new modular design.
As a result, different product components can be freely combined and used for a broad and comprehensive product portfolio. When opening the kit, the products are presented in a clear and structured way.
The viewing windows and the simple product fixation allow an unobstructed view on the various products.
Furthermore, a significant weight reduction could be achieved. This design was nominated for the German Packaging Prize 2015.


reddot winner 2013     reddot winner 2014     Deutscher Verpackungspreis Nominee

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