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NIC Combicar 2017-04-25T13:37:49+00:00

 NIC Combicar
concept & design of the wooden ride-on


Children‘s dreams are coming true. With the combicar by nic, toddlers can whiz around the house, digging through their scattered toys, scooping them up and dumping them back in their toy box. Through the simple act of playing, toddlers will develop their coordination and fine-motor skills, while parents enjoy a new tidiness.

HYVE designed the combicar ride-on with a focus on multifunctionality. Little workers can modify their vehicles‘ functions from digger to crane, connect a trailer and much more. The ride-on is solid and tilt resistant, so two kids can sit on it. It even endures a rain shower (or two) standing outside without damaging the wood.

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