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LVH (Landesverband der Handwerker) founded the “Open Innovation South Tyrol” multi-contest platform to foster the trend of the increasing innovativeness of SMEs in South Tyrol. Specifically, LVH aimed at providing SMEs a platform to state their problems and generating together with the creative community new ideas, concepts, designs, prototypes and marketing strategies. Moreover, the Open Innovation platform should support network building and strengthening and active knowledge transfer across SMEs in South Tyrol.


HYVE assisted LVH in designing and implementing an individual multi-contest platform for realizing the desired project goals. The “Open Innovation South Tyrol” platform was designed to allow for contests of different sizes and types can be realized. As an additional feature, the platform community can search, develop and choose its own contest call for ideas (topics). Also, community members can services, ideas and products by means of an integrated marketplace. Aligned with the online platform, the LVH and HYVE developed several offline activities including workshops, lab-sessions, conferences, innovation tours, and open innovation trainings to further develop and prototype ideas and concepts and support SME until market launch.


Considered substantial successful by the entire range of stakeholders, LVH has launched 10 contests on the “Open Innovation South Tyrol” platform attracting more than 850.000 visitors, with about 1.500 active members who submitted more than 1.000 ideas, provided 2000 comments and more than 7.000 evaluations. These figures highlight the considerable diffusion of the project within the South Tyrol region and the active participation of the desired target group. Moreover, several ideas are already realized and sold in stores.


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