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TELEKOM SpliceLock modular lock system 2017-04-25T10:01:27+00:00

 TELEKOM SpliceLock
concept, engineering & design of the modular lock system

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The SpliceLock system consists of a smart lock cylinder and different types of locks. As an universal and fully networked module, this lock cylinder fits into different lock types such as padlocks and bike locks.

Via Bluetooth connectivity, it is possible to open the lock without contact using the SpliceLock app on a smartphone.
A GSM module also makes it possible to open the lock from a distance in order to allow friends on site to access the locked object. A rechargeable battery provides SpliceLock with power over a period of up to two weeks (depending on frequency of use). When the rechargeable battery is discharged, the lock can easily be charged up again using induction charging.
The SpliceLock is a B2B innovation that emerged from a cooperation between HYVE and German Telekom. Result of the collaboration were funtional prototypes in different versions for various applications.



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