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Co-Creation and Ideation methods enable teams to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation through collaboration. Our workshops provide a structured environment for participants to leverage each other’s strengths, experiences, and knowledge in order to create new products, services, and solutions that meet real needs. With our Co-Creation and Ideation Workshops, teams enhance their problem-solving capabilities, foster creativity and innovation, and improve their collaboration skills.

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Ideation & Co-Creation Workshops

Ideation and Co-Creation Workshops are a great way to generate innovative ideas and collaborate with others to bring them to life. Our experienced moderators create a supportive and inspiring space for you and your team. They will guide you through the whole process: from preparing the right setup to guiding through the workshop, and visualizing the concepts afterwards.

Having the right inspiration and out-of-the-box input is crucial before starting an ideation workshop. No matter the topic, we assist you in finding and recruiting relevant thought leaders, experts, lead users, and trend receivers. On top of that, our researchers gather relevant information on your target group to ensure a user-centric approach.

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HYVE Creative Sessions

We hold HYVE-internal creative sessions with selected members of our interdisciplinary team. We can either generate fresh ideas and inspiration for a certain topic, or enrich and challenge existing concepts. Our experienced researchers curate inspirational resources, and then the team immerses themselves in the topic. During the creative session, we use a variety of creative techniques and frameworks to create a multitude of ideas within a short time. If you need many ideas quickly or need to enrich your existing concepts within a short time frame, this is for you!

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Hackathons are not only for programmers! In this large-scale workshop format, participants across the board work together towards a predefined mission in multidisciplinary teams. They develop innovative ideas and solve complex problems in real time. In just 24 to 48 hours, teams move through the innovation process stages of strategic planning, ideation, experimenting and testing, until prototyping an MVP solution. Because of this, few formats can compete with hackathons when it comes to creating viable solutions in high quantities within a short period of time. Furthermore, hackathon teams are formed based on shared interests and missions rather than hierarchies. It is precisely this combination of skills, coupled with the fast-paced and collaborative way of working, that can lead to breakthrough innovations.

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Sustainable Innovation

We believe innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. By incorporating sustainable practices into every stage of the innovation process, we can support your teams to create innovative ideas and solutions that have a positive impact on the society, as well as the planet. You can drive positive change and create long-term value by implementing sustainable innovation. Whether it is reducing waste or designing for inclusion. Learn more about they key success factors for Sustainable Innovation.

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Pitch Training, Storytelling & Creative Competence

Knowing how to pitch and communicate your ideas is key to unlocking your own and your organization´s creative potential. Our creativity sessions open the space for you to tap into your imagination and gain creative confidence. Our creative speaker will guide you through the psychology of creativity, help you remove “creativity blockers”, and provide you with hands-on tools and inspiration to make your (work-)life more creative. You want to learn to communicate your ideas with a compelling story? We got you! This will help you connect with your audience by telling them stories they resonate with. Our trainers will sharpen your storytelling and pitch skills, providing personalized feedback and guidance at every step of the way.

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“HYVE’s team knows how to quickly grasp a client’s challenge and transform it into an innovative , strategic workshop, as well as how to collaborate on solutions.”

Christian Jautz, Group Brand Manager HCV bei AbbVie


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Our work is not only user-centric, we are also client-centric. Because every client is at the heart of what we do. Together, we create solutions that people need and love.

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