Podcast: The Secret Source of Innovation

An Innovation Podcast

We have launched The Secret Source of Innovation a podcast where we invite future thinkers, innovators, change makers and creative minds to share their passion, achievements and hurdles on the way to innovation.

Our top-class speakers

eric hippel

Prof. Eric van Hippel at Harvard

We kick off our Science Talks with the Godfather of Innovation, Eric van Hippel. Eric coined the term Open and User Innovation. Eric is a Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, founder of the OUI (Open User Innovation) conference, and started a YouTube project called User Innovation, in which he in brief addresses certain Innovation topics! Enjoy what a lifetime of Innovation sounds like.

“The truth about User Innovation” now on Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts.

Prof. Henry Chesbrough at Luiss Guido Carli University

HYVE’s founder Johann Füller talks with Prof. Henry Chesbrough, how Open Business Models really work, the impact of Open Innovation, how Start-up collaboration can speed up innovation initiatives, and about the next big thing in the innovation landscape.

Henry Chesbrough: Choosing the right tools for true Open Innovation” now on Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts.

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